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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament; the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 14 of 2003 and set up in November 2004.

The Council representation is drawn from key government Ministries and organizations of/for persons with disabilities.
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Report 2017

March 2017


The NCPWD Head Office in conjunction with the Embu Disability Services Office planned and participated in the Eastern Kenya (Embu) ASK show. The event brought together four groups of persons with various disabilities; the groups included St. Monica’s School for the Mentally handicapped, Runyenjes Union of the Blind, Lighthouse Diversified Industries Ltd and the Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya (DESK).

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February 2017

KIPAWA Project

The NCPWD and Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) of Safaricom Limited entered into an MoU, which gave birth to KIPAWA, their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The projects aimed at creating opportunities for persons with disabilities and a number of schools were selected as beneficiaries of the program with a vision of empowering and caring for the students.

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The Metropolitan Sanctuary for Children with Disability was opened in 2007 through the vision of Terry Fairfowl. It is managed by Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Church in Belfast Northern Ireland. It is also supported through the work of UK Registered Chairty, Befrienders for Disability NIC100726, Metropolitan Smile Dispatch in Kenya, and other private sponsors.

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PWAs Support Programme

PWAs Support Programme


Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment


Infrastructure & Equipment

Infrastructure & Equipment


St.Monica Lodwar Girls - Construction of Multi-purpose Hall

Meru School for the Mentally Challenged & Autism- Construction of Boys Dormitory for Autism Unit

St. Luke's School for the Deaf- Construction of Administration Block

Kitui Integrated Programme for the Visually Impaired- Construction of Functional Hall

Mogongo Primary School- Construction of Administration Block and 1 Staff House

Baragoi Integrated Primary School- Construction of Special  Needs Dormitories
Kurungu Primary School- Construction of Dining Hall
South Horr Primary School- Construction of Classrooms

Tana River
Lisa Hola School For the Deaf- Completion of Vocational Rehabilitation Center Building

Rise and Shine Special School for Physically Disabled - Construction of 4 Classrooms

S.A Joyland Special Secondary School- Construction of Adapted Ablution Facilities
Maseno School for the Deaf- Construction of 2 Deaf Blind Classrooms and Refurbishment of  Collapsed  Water System (Bore- Hole)

Trans Nzoia
Michael Wamalwa Special School for H.I, Birunda- Construction of Kitchen & Dining Hall

Ole Sankale Special Unit for the Visually Impaired- Construction and Completion of Resource Room for Visually impaired Learners

Kimuchu Primary and Special Unit- Construction of two classrooms
Hope and Faith Small Home- Construction of a Dormitory

Equator Special School and Vocational Centre- Purchase of workshop equipment
St. Oda Aluor School for the Visually Impaired- Construction of Food store and Kitchen
Maranda School for the Mentally Handicapped- Construction of Administration Block
St. Dymphna Madiany Special School for the Mentally Challenged- Construction of a Dormitory

Tree Side Special School- A Green house farming, a self sustaining project
Kilimani Primary Deaf-Blind Unit- Construction of a dormitory
Cheleta Primary School- Refurbishment and equipment of special unit classrooms and toilets

Kispsigis Girls High School- Purchase of learning resources for Visually Impaired students

Kiwandani Primary School Special Unit- Purchase of equipment for new dormitory (120 beds and 120 mattresses)

Ololulunga Day Primary School- Construction of 3 classrooms

Ngala Secondary School for the Deaf- Purchase of equipment for new library

Kisayani School for the Mentally Handicapped- Construction of dormitory

Garissa Special School for the Mentally Handicapped- Renovation and refurbishment and extension of school workshop
Garissa School for the Deaf- Renovation and refurbishment of classrooms

Komotobo Primary School Special Unit- Construction of dormitory

Kaimosi Special School for the Mentally Handicapped- Construction of 2 permanent chain link fence

Karatina Special School for the Mentally Handicapped- Construction of occupational and Autistic Unit

West Pokot
St. Francis School for the Blind- Construction of Dining hall
Keringet School for the Hearing Impaired- Construction of hostel and classrooms

Great Highlands Integrated School- Construction of 6 classrooms and vocational training equipment

Milalani Special Unit for the Mentally Handicapped- Fencing of school


Assistive Device

Assistive Devices


Education Assistance

Education Assistance

The following is a list of students of different levels of Education who were funded during this FY 2015/2016;
Name of student                     Reg. No                Institution                                       Amount Approved
Mohamed Bahola Suleiman P/130792              Embu University College                               7,500
Idriss Mohammed Furmat      P/114264              Ndura Mixed Secondary School                   7,500
Rebecca Moraa Namiso      P/188184              Outer-Ring High School                                   55,000
Denis Mwangi  P/249/273                                   Technical University of Kenya                      24,000
Beatrice Wambui Maina       P/1831                  Technical University of Kenya                        19,200
John Wachira Tsuma              P/172749              Technical University of Kenya                       70,000
James Gachara Kagema     P/170057              Technical University of Kenya                           8,000
Jeremiah Muriithi Mwiti          P/1297690            United States International University         8,398
Margaret Lokoroi Natir          P/245/209             Maryknoll Institutes of African Studies        100,000
Bilha Kwamboka                    P/8312                  Pwani University                                            6,700
Linet Methuselah                    P/7557                  Technical University of Kenya                      70,000
Ngosia Alfred Okubiku          P/264511              Technical University of Kenya                      15,000
Irene Kavuu Mulwa                                              AIC Mbooni Girls high school                     49,944
Mugo James Kibuti                 P/172462              Kenya Medical Training College                  33,800
Mohamed Lina Mbeyu          P/115717              Africa Nazarene University                            70,000
Odhiambo G. Lusi                   P/241690              Kenyatta University                                       32,620
Elizabeth Nelima Maungo     P/160347              Kenyatta University                                        43,100
Kathambi Lilian P/37006         Kenyatta University                                                                    9,600
Kuyo Isaiah Wadesa               P/109488              Kenyatta University                                         55,250
Mutune T Kituvo                      P/260019              Kenyatta University                                       44,600
Opiyo Samson Ojuka             P/267227              Kenyatta University                                         70,000
Joan Jemeli                             P/252862              Kenyatta University                                         60,600
Purity Katanu Nguli                 P/135298              Zetech University                                           70,000
Jane Wanjiku Michuki            P/168282              Mt Kenya University                                       22,000
Joseph Maina Mwangi          P/146337              Mt Kenya University                                         10,000
Ngosia Alfred Okubiku          P/264511              Technical University of Kenya                         15,000
Moses C. W Ikanda Dominic P/138213              Kibabii University College                              70,000
Kenedy Wekesa Kangale     P/20855                Kibabii University College                                 100,000
James. F. Thuma                     P/6969                  Kibabii University College                              100,000
Gichuru Mwaki Isaiah            P/93502                Meru University of Science & Technology      59,434
Naanana Wiliam Takai           P/275329              Maasai Mara University                                   70,000
Patrick Oyoo                           P/202197              Masinde Muliro UST                                       36,350
Richard Ekiru Emase               P/140082              Masinde Muliro UST                                     70,000
Mungai Gichia Stanley          P/169608              Egerton University                                           70,000
Susan Manyangi Onyancha P/8474                  University of Eldoret                                         10,000
Kiptembur John Kipkemboi  P/181034              University of Eldoret                                       10,000
Shehe Abdul Hakim               P/155556              Maseno University                                          70,000
Vincent Otieno Omuya         P/154898              Maseno University                                           70,000
Shem Odemba Odera                                        Maseno University                                            70,000
Laizer Maria Swakei               P/261464              Ole Tipis Girls Secondary School                 50,350
Joseph Muia Joshua              P/261083              Machakos Sec. School for the Deaf                 55,000
Linah Mbeyu Mohamed       P/115717              Africa Nazarene University                              70,000
Joseph Muthiani Kitonyi         P/149930              Africa Nazarene University                           14,125
David Kariuki Chege              P/109428              Africa Nazarene University                           70,000
Jesse Parsalunye Kikwa         P/7372                  KCA University                                              70,000
Shem Okumu Obure              P/17677                Maseno University                                          70,000
Daisy Chepkemoi Kirui           P/301720              Kenyatta University                                      70,000
Gladys Oudo Ongele            P/                          Zetech University                                             70,000
Brenda Betty Kiema                                             Tangaza University                                        100,000
Benjamin Mutunga Kilo          P/108974              KCA University                                             70,000
Saira Jabeen Khan                 P/110143              Mt Kenya University                                       70,000
Sam Odhiambo Owino         P/53452                Catholic University                                          100,000
Peter Atunga Nyatichi           P/136680              Kenyatta University                                        100,000
Nyabera Francis Nyamora    P/138721              Kenya institute of Special Education              44,900
Samuel Irungu Kamau           P/112604              Laikipia University                                         70,000
Maina Denis Mwangi             P/249273              Technical University of Kenya                      70,000
Bernard Musyoki Nzambuya P/159547              Kenyatta University                                       70,000
Michael Njelekela Ashura                                   University of Nairobi                                     70,000
David Obura                                                         Technical University of Kenya                     44,000
Abdirizak Abdi Kontoma                                     Management University of Africa                70,000
Julius Gacheru Gatune         P/190207              Technical University of Kenya                        44,550
Douglas Magate Oburu        P/1666068            Maasai Mara University                                  70,000
Frankline Abuya Adika          P/264621              Multimedia University                                   70,000
Kelvin Mwania Muneene      P/153467              United States International Africa                  70,000
Michael Mwangi Kiragu        P/253072              St Paul's University                                        70,000
Nyabando Fredrick Ogeto   P/196685              JKUAT                                                              70,000
Otieno Purity Atieno               P/87591                Maseno University                                        26,850
Okumu Shem Obure              P/176770              Maseno University                                         70,000
John Odiwuor Otieno            P/249397              Maseno University                                          59,000
Charity Wangu Mathenge    P/134160              Kisii University College                                   70,000
Omwando Enock Ondieki    P/32766                Kisii University College                                   70,000
Wairimu Lucy Nyawira           P/158548              University of Nairobi                                     70,000
Isaac Mwangi Wandia          P/265916              University of Nairobi                                        70,000
Job Mburu Njoroge                P/227224              University of Nairobi                                      28,500
Hannah Wanja Njongoro      P/2079                  Africa Nazarene University                             70,000
Okeno Sarah Amondi            P/257615              JOOUST                                                          47,200
Beatrice Akinyi Gura              P/111833              JOOUST                                                        70,000
Oketch Lorna Ayako             P/1210                  Kenyatta University                                        65,000
Hamdi Jimale                          P/253203              Kenyatta University                                      41,700
Agan Oloo Ignatius                P/264435              Kenyatta University                                       70,000
Linet Methuselah                    P/7557                  Technical University of Kenya                      70,000
Ngosia Alfred Okubiku          P/264511              Technical University of Kenya                      15,000
Ochieng Peter Otieno           P/248739              Rongo University                                             59,800
Benson Mukana Onyango    P/263030              Rongo University                                             25,650
Jared Otieno Ndiege             P/191133              Rongo University                                             70,000
Veronicah Naibela LeparsantiP/119748           Mt Kenya University                                         70,000
Wilson Ochieng Aloo             P/248532              Mt Kenya University                                      67,000
Ouma Joash Omondi            P/226590              Mt Kenya University                                        63,000
Joseph Karisa Munubi            P/244635              Mt Kenya University                                      70,000
Range Nyamani John            P/116320              Mt Kenya University                                       66,000
Susan Wanjiku Kuria                P/57493                Mt Kenya University                                   70,000
Simon Shikanga Mmasi          P/111939              Cooperative University College of Kenya    70,000
Moses Clerk Wachira             P/264756              Zetech College                                               50,400
Denis Mwendwa Mutuku      P/244513              University of Kabianga                                  35,000
Kennedy Onyango Asembo P/118384              University of Kabianga                                    24,650
Caleb Kibet Koech                P/104562              St James Mixed Secondary School                9,500
Denis Kagua Mungai             P/226440              Muranga University College                          32,126
Margaret Kangai                    P/261189              Egerton University                                         70,000
Carolyne Haluse Wesonga   P/136650              Kenya Methodist University                            70,000
Caxtone O. Obiri Odonge    P/141035              Moi University                                                 54,650
Kyenze Charles Mulwa          P/120097              Machakos University College                       37,190
Martha Kabea Mucheria      P/16739                KCA University                                                63,845
Dennis Mwendwa Mutuku    P/244513              University of Kabianga                                   35,000
Kennedy Onyango Asembo P/118384              University of Kabianga                                     24,650
Onyenga Nicholas Atia         P/22251                Cooperative University College of Kenya      70,000
Evans  Koech Kiptoo              P/277954              Cooperative University College of Kenya     70,000


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