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Following the publication of Statute Law (Miscellaneous amendment) Act, 2016 on 19th April, 2017, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection which has the mandate on disability hereby calls upon DPOs to nominate qualified persons with skills and with capacity to enable the National Council for Persons with Disabilities to deliver on its mandate to the people of Kenya.

Vacant Positions are as follows:

  1. Four positions where members represent DPOs (organizations OF Persons with disabilities) under section 4(1) (d) (i) of the amended PWDs Act, 2003.
  2. Two positions nominated by organizations FOR Persons with disabilities, including parents of Persons with Mental Disabilities under Section 4(10(b)(ii) of the amended PWDs Act, 2003.

Nomination Guide

  1. Nominees should not be State Officers,
  2. Nominees should be competent enough to carry out prescribed roles and spearhead matters of persons with disabilities,
  3. Regional balance should be adhered to/represent the face of Kenya,
  4. Nominees should NOT be serving currently in other two (2) boards,
  5. Nominees should NOT be Board Members of United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK) (the umbrella body), but open to Board Members of other DPOs under UDPK,
  6. Gender balance should be observed,
  7. Nominees should represent various categories of disabilities,
  8. Marginalized and minority groups should be adequately represented,
  9. Nominees should meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya.

Submission of Nominees

Nomination letter and CV should be sent both in soft and hard copy to:

The Principal Secretary,

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection,

State Department of Social Protection,

P.O. Box 30426 – 00100,


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So as to be received by 24th July, 2018


The NCPWD and Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) of Safaricom Limited entered into an MoU, which gave birth to KIPAWA, their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The projects aimed at creating opportunities for persons with disabilities and a number of schools were selected as beneficiaries of the program with a vision of empowering and caring for the students.

The National Council for Persons with Disabilities, [NCPWD] is a State Corporation, mandated to formulate and implement policies that are geared towards mainstreaming Persons with Disabilities into the National economy. It also seeks to create an enabling environment in which Persons with Disabilities can operate effectively and efficiently.

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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament; the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 14 of 2003 and set up in November 2004.

The Council representation is drawn from key government Ministries and organizations of/for persons with disabilities.

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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities
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Toll Free: 0800 724 333

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