Public Awareness

The Council raises awareness on the rights of Persons with Disabilities to reduce discrimination and promote inclusion through various modes of Communication. The Council does this through the PR and Communications Department which deals with managing the flow of information between the organization and its publics. The public includes the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Development Partners, Suppliers, Public and Private Sector, Employees and other Stakeholders to maintain a cordial relationship about the Organization and its leadership.

Our key activities include;

  • Working with the Media; Calling for press conferences, writing articles, features, doing radio and TV interviews, production and airing of various infomercials, Public Service Announcements amongst others.
  • Management of the Social Media ( Facebook and Twitter) and the Website.
  • Publication of various Information, Education Material (IEC) which includes service charters, newsletters, fliers, posters and brochures etc,
  • Events Management; organizing various national and international events/ days
  • Employee Communication; internal communication
  • Resolution of Public Complaints both internally and externally.









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