Cash Transfer for PWDs

Brief- Cash Transfer for Persons with Severe Disabilities

In the context of this programme, persons with severe disabilities refers to those who need permanent care including feeding, toiletry, protection from danger by other persons, Full time support has to be offered by a caregiver to ensure their needs are attended to. These intensive support for persons with severe disabilities on a daily basis, denies their parents and guardians or caregivers any time to engage in other income generating activities, which worsens the economic situation of such households.

It is with this in mind that the cash transfer programme targeting persons with severe disabilities was introduced, and is referred to as Persons with Severe Disabilities Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT).

The overall objective of the programme is to enhance the capacities of the caregivers through cash transfers thereby improving the livelihoods of persons with severe disabilities. Specific objectives of the programme are:
  • To contribute to poverty reduction in households containing at least one member with a severe disability through the provision of a regular cash transfer
  • To improve the lives of Persons with Severe Disabilities
  • To empower caregivers in order to improve the lives and livelihoods of persons with severe disabilities within their households.
The programme was piloted in 2010 with 10 households per constituency and later up scaled to 70 households per constituency in 2012. Currently, the programme is targeting to provide Cash Transfers to 47,200 households and its being implemented by the Department of Social Security and Services in collaboration with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD).

Monitoring reports of the programme have revealed that amount received, albeit minimal, are enabling the households to access improved nutrition, healthcare, housing and education.
The awareness raised on the programme has made persons with severe disabilities who had been ‘hidden’ and neglected to be brought out and appreciated within households and communities.

The Eligibility criteria for the Cash Transfer programme include;
  • Households that are categorized as extremely poor and vulnerable and has a member with severe disability
  • Household is not enrolled in any other cash transfer programme
  • Registration with NCPWD
  • Proof of the requirements in the ranking criteria
  • Copy of National ID or that of the guardian if the person is under 18 years. 


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