National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD)

Applications to the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities are open through out the year.

Assistive Device

Brief- Assistive Devices and Services
The National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD) supports the provision of Assistive Devices and Services to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Kenya to enable these individuals to function in society.  The Fund gives priority to those individuals requiring assistance to function in a learning, training or work environment.



Brief- Education Assistance
This programme aims to improve persons with disabilities enrolment, retention and completion of education cycle for the eventual engagement in decent and gainful employment. NDFPWD provides support to persons with disabilities from Primary, Secondary, Colleges, Vocational Training Schools and University.


Economic Empowerment

Brief- Economic Empowerment
The Fund provides grants to Community and Self Help Groups for Economic Empowerment or Revolving Fund Schemes. These grants aim to help Persons with Disabilities gain self-sufficiency in generating income and to enable them to gain the skills and experience to access the loans required to grow their business. The groups must be of and for persons with disabilities. This can include the carers of Persons with Disabilities. The group must be at least one year old to be eligible. Groups need to be legally registered to operate within the Republic of Kenya and also registered with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in order to apply.



Brief-Infrastructure and Equipment for Institutions

Infrastructure and equipment grants aim to enable the maintenance and growth of organizations which provide education or social services for persons with disabilities.  Eligible organizations are education institutions, including special schools and special units, and social service delivery organizations, including non-government organizations and social care institutions.



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